A Breakthrough in

Tertiary Oil Recovery & Bio-Remediation

Untapped Oil Reserves

Why Choose Us?

Oasis Energy Group is proud to introduce BRRTM - an environmentally friendly, cost effective technology with proven potential to tap the vast oil reserves trapped in currently unprofitable wells.

  • In the USA there are an estimated 200,000 abandoned oil wells.
  • Worldwide it is estimated there are 2 million abandoned oil wells.
Tertiary Oil Recovery

Tertiary Oil Recovery

Oasis Energy Group has developed an environmentally friendly MEOR process that can significantly extend the lifetime of oil reserves. This unique process, known as Bio Remediation RecoveryTM, takes advantage of the vast amounts of un-utilized heavy crude oil reserves in most oil fields, the thick sludge that exists at the bottom of oil wells.

This represents more than half of the world’s “recoverable” oil reserves. Until recently, it has not been cost-effective to recover this “heavy” crude oil.
Bio Remediation

Bio Remediation

Bio-Remediation is a branch of biotechnology employing either naturally occurring or deliberately introduced living micro-organisms to remove contaminants, pollutants, and toxins from soil and water and to rehabilitate contaminated water, soil and subsurface material, and break down environmental pollutants, in order to clean a polluted site. 

Oasis Energy's unique Bio Remediation RecoveryTM  technology may be used to clean up environmental problems such as oil spills, or contaminated groundwater.
Bio-Remediation in Oil Recovery

Bio-Remediation in Oil Recovery

Oasis Energy Group's Bio Remediation RecoveryTM  technology combines an in situ microbial activity  with proprietory bio-surfactants to not only cost-effectively break down previously inaccessable heavy oil, but to also remove impurities from that oil before it is recovered.

This breakthrough oil recovery process releases substantial value by accessing previously unviable oil reserves from what were  considered "exhausted" wells.

The Challenges

Falling Production Yields

Diminishing Returns

1. Wells and Reservoirs in most markets are delivering reducing yields

Environmental Awareness

4. Chemical additives have been identified as having dangerous and cumulative environmental impact

Rising Costs

2. Exploration and Infrastructure costs are driving Enhanced Oil Recovery activities

Competitive Technologies

5.  Widespread use of Hydraulic Fracturing to increase productivity in Shale Oil & Gas production

Unsatisfactory results

3. Traditional EOR techniques are delivering diminishing results

Changing Economy

6. Fragmentation of OPEC and market competition driving down oil price.

The Trademarked BRR Process

Unique Technologies & Expertise

Active ingredients are centrally manufactured, distributed to site

and then injected into the well or reservoir.

The process and product eliminates environmental concerns, including geo-physical  

& chemical damage, and all active ingredients are entirely biodegradable.

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