BBR : Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology and the Environment

BRRTM is an Oil and Gas Recovery Technology with enhanced environmental credentials

EER Ltd is committed to identifying and developing environmentally sustainable ingredients that can be used seamlessly in currently popular enhanced oil recovery technologies within the oil industry.

oil and environmental advantages of BRR

The active ingredients of BBRTM can be used as an alternative to chemical substances currently used in hydraulic fracturing (or fracking as it has become known).

Type Description Market Disadvantage

Hydraulic Fracturing, or "Fracking"


Fracturing of rock layers by pressurized fluid and chemicals through rock using a horizontal drill.

(‘Fracking’ can be used in conjunction with the BRR™ Process – significantly increasing effectiveness, and reducing environmental impact.)

  • Potential chemical contamination of water sources, under heavy public and policy scrutiny, thought to have caused minor earthquakes in certain cases.
  •  Fracking’ damages the stability of geological structures. Some results would indicate soil-subsidence – and earthquakes.
Long term effects of this destruction are still unknown.
  •  ’Fracking’ historically has introduced ecologically-damaging residual chemicals that are then re-injected into “wells” resulting in long-term damage to aquifers.





Injection of CO2 to add a pressure differential that moves the oil towards an extraction point.


  • Requires an expensive and specialized infrastructure.




Steam and Hot Water


Injection of steam and hot water to mobilize oil by decreasing its viscosity.


  • Costly to exploit, requires an expensive infrastructure with unreliable results.





Chemical “Sweeping”


Mobilizes oil by “sweeping” it off the rock face and out of rock cavities.


  • Relatively expensive, environmentally tenuous due to chemicals used, requires processing to remove the residuals.



The BRRTM  microbial energy recovery process will be positioned as the environmentally friendly and a superior and effective solution to enhanced oil recovery.


Comparative to the above solutions, the BRRTM process offers the following benefits:

  • Effective: In trial cases, the BRRTM process produces higher yields, compared to the average 10-15% netted from alternative enhanced methods.
  • Cost efficient: BRR uses existing on-site (or in situ) infrastructures for distribution, and therefore does not require additional costly infrastructure to be built.
  •  Eco-friendly: The bio-surfactants are entirely biodegradable, leaving no trace or the possibility of water contamination.
  • Wider range of appropriate well and resource targets
  •  A more consistent, quantifiable and cost-effective result
  •  Energy and water efficient
  •  Uses existing on-site (or in situ) infrastructures
  • Totally eco-friendly
  • Does not pollute community water resources

This trademarked MEOR process, once injected, contributes to active pressure differentials that facilitates the BRR™ active ingredients to:

1. reach both deep-into, and widely-across the oil-bearing stratum

2. break-down the ionic bonds holding the oil and rock in place. The active ingredients in BRRTM can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical substances currently used in hydraulic fracturing.