The BBR Oil Recovery Process in an Investment Context


A powerful new oil recovery technology is welcome in a climate of potentially declining terms of trade within the oil and gas industries

The Bio Remediation RecoveryTM process is ideally suited to treat unexploited and underperforming oil reserves; which represent more than 50% of the world’s “recoverable” oil reserves.

The BRR™ oil recovery process is protected by a sophisticated intellectual property strategy including unique customization of ingredients for each field performed by EER proprietary software and technicians. Our BRR™ energy recovery process also uses unique microbial cultures, nano and super conductor technologies, alongside specially developed bio-surfactants to achieve specific results within each pre-analyzed environment.

The innovative design and deployment of EER provides a series of significant advantages over its competitors within the oil and gas industries. In addition, the sale and distribution of the products and services can be facilitated through three distinct channels:

(a) vertical market applications, a direct sales model;

(b) joint venture or vendor systems integrators, a licensing model; and

(c) direct consumer adoption.

Investment Opportunity

EER Ltd is currently seeking financing to grow the company at a more rapid pace than its current organic growth trajectory will allow. Proceeds will primarily be used for establishment of manufacturing, internal and external infrastructure, direct sales efforts, international deployment partnerships, product refinement and delivery.

In terms of forward planning, EER is conscientiously positioning and packaging itself for eventual acquisition by a large-scale producer, an alternative competitor, or will consider preparations for listing on a Public Market through an initial public offering, representing strong options for an exit strategy for investment.

The active ingredients in BRRTM can be used as an alternative to chemical substances currently used in hydraulic fracturing.

Energy Remediation products and services are one of the fastest growing segments of the robust Oil and Gas Industry.

The Economics of Bioremediated Oil Recovery

 With global crude oil prices consistently at, or above US$90 per barrel, the BRR™ Process is a highly cost-effective method.

  • The BRR™ Process continues to produce revenue on an ongoing basis with its service and support charge of US$12 per barrel ongoing. (Calculated on production generated above the 30 day weighted average production of the particular resource.)
  • This is MUCH less than the exploration costs for new resources

Oil Production
Capabilities and stock

  • Manufacturing currently occurs at our factory in Texas
  • At any one time we expect capacity to process 300 wells

Local production plans
It is our plan to integrate at least five additional manufacturing plants in order to service geographical focus-points worldwide.

Copyrights and Patents

  • The BRR™ Process is unique and has a sophisticated intellectual property protection strategy
  • Incorporates proprietary active ingredients and utilizes a unique manufacturing process to produce both ingredients and application processes relevant specifically to each resource’s requirements.


Summary of BRRTM as an Outstanding Investment Opportunity

The BRR™ Process is a most innovative system designed to re-vitalize underperforming Oil Industry assets world-wide.

The possibilities implied by the process indicate potential to recuperate an estimated 3 TRILLION barrels of oil still currently underground and abandoned, so far considered to be ‘too difficult’ to extract.

In the past four years, in the USA alone, sufficient oil has been produced from new technology releasing ‘trapped reserves’, to generate revitalization of the US economy.

In a time when the World HAS to “Think Green”, the BRR™ offering is the ONLY logical, ecological, and water resource friendly option for rational consideration.


The Company - Establishment of Joint Ventures
Setting-up networks internationally

  •  EER works with local partners who have established high visibility within their own territory or country
  • Such associations take the form of locally-registered companies
  • The format for such associations with local partners is generally in the form of a Joint Venture.

Opportunities – For Joint Ventures: Joint Venture Partners – JV Partners establish a local company.
Joint Venture Partners – Expectations:

  • JV Partners are accorded a License to exploit the BRR™ Process and its various products within the geographical area agreed acting as Local Agents, wholesalers, and service providers
  • JV Partners brings local Marketing and Administrative expertise and provide financing requirements in order to establish and support local infrastructure
  • EER provides technical expertise, client support, the products …at wholesale price – and various support and technical personnel to implement the process as contracted
  • Profits are shared according to the JV’s shareholders’ agreement

Commitment Process

  • Representatives of EER meet with the prospective JV Partner
  • If mutually agreeable, an MOU is signed with a commitment to move to the next stage within 2 months. i.e.:
  • Establishment of the local Corporate entity
  • Establishment of the necessary local infrastructure
  • Recruitment of necessary personnel
  • Establishment of the first 3, 6 and 12-month expected (milestone) achievements

The intent is that EER and its local JV partners:

  • work towards an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of the company within a local, or alternative, Stock Exchange
  • work towards securing a trade sale of the JV business in that territory establishment of a local production facility of the BRR™ Active Ingredients.