Applications of BRR Technology in the Oil & Gas Industries

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Product Applications in the Oil and Gas Industries

The EER Product range of microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) includes solutions for:

1. Oil Fields

  • Remediation of existing heavy crude oil

2. Equipment

  •  “Cleaning” of in-situ equipment
  •   De-paraffining etc 

3. Oil Pipe Lines

  •  Oil Spill management and cleaning of oil-lines, pipes, and infrastruture
  • Improved oil transmission along pipe-lines
  • Less energy costs / more efficiency / faster flow

4. Land and sea oil slicks

  • Ecologically safe, bio-degradable products specifically tailored for sea-born or land-in filtered hydrocarbon-based spills

5. Other Oil Industry Pollution clean-up: Any hydrocarbon-based spills. i.e.:

  • Transformer oils
  • Oil Pipe-line breaks
  • Industrial areas using oils and fuels
  • Oil Storage tank cleaning and remediation
  • Oil Tanker ship bunker remediation 

6. Certificates of Conformity & Approvals

  • (USA) FEMA-approved
  • (California) EPA-approved 

Further Specific Applications of the BRR Process

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enhanced oil recovery

Where can Enhanced Energy Recovery's BRRTM Technology be used in the Oil & Gas Industry?

1. Anywhere that the oil production yields are reducing – due to…

  • reduction, or loss, of natural pressure in oil wells
  • reduction, or obstruction, of remaining oil reserves
  • environments where production could be enhanced by cleaning/clearing infrastructure, reductions in porosity due to build up of paraffin or scale superior enhanced recovery method.

2. Any oil field where the infrastructure is still in place…

  •  as a value add to the Fracking process

3. Most oil fields where peripheral oil wells offer an injection capacity…

  • allowing for sweep of the oil towards central extraction point/wells heat in the well is below 200 C

A General Description of the Competitive Advantage

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In Oil Recovery Operations, The BRRTM Process Is…

Re-iterative: A re-iterative process providing ongoing support, and production, and treatment.

Robust and insusceptible: Effectiveness is ompletely unaffected by salt-water and other naturally forming components.

Environmentally Safe: Does not in any way pollute or taint aquifers - is entirely “green” – with absolutely NO harmful, ecologically or environmentally-damaging side-effects.

Bio-Friendly: Breaks-down into bio-components that are digested by naturally-occurring organisms within 30 days.

Other Benefits: Following the extraction of the oil from the reservoir, reduced processing may be necessary. The BRR™ active ingredients assist in crude being integrated into the normal refining cycle more easily.