Bio Degradable
Bio Degradable
Safe for Workers
Safe for Workers
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Toxin Free

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Other Commercial Uses of the BRR process.

Bio Remediation

Other commercial uses of the OASIS Bioremediation Process:

Cleaning Industry Infrastructure

Refineries, Pipelines,Tanker Cleaning,  Storage Tanks

Environmental Remediation

Water Decontamination and Soil Remediation


About Bio Remediation.

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The 'Bio Remediation Recovery Process' also used in Bioremediation

A unique system, based on advanced science.


The product was used as a substitute for chemical surfactants in a clean-up demonstration test, carried out by Cargo Fleet Chemical Company Ltd. (UK) on an oil storage tank belonging to Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait.

Oasis Energy Group

Why Choose Us?

"The clean-up was successful in removing

the sludge from the tank bottom,

and it also allowed the recovery of

more than 90% of the hydrocarbon

trapped in the sludge."

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