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Gabrielle Allen

Gabrielle Allen has been a marketing, production, sales and brand licensing executive for over three decades, pioneering award-winning marketing and publicity campaigns for film, technology and consumer products in domestic and worldwide markets. Her experience spans several corporate entities and includes all aspects of management, strategic planning and finance, As the Executive Director of an international brand management, advertising and marketing firm, she oversaw the global production of 25 satellite offices, with annual budgets of $500 million. Gabrielle founded Marketing Innovations Group servicing entertainment industry clients with the creation and management of grass-roots marketing campaigns and marketing collateral, social media and advertising strategies. From 2004, Gabrielle acted as Senior Executive VP of Motive Entertainment, a marketing and content creation company focused on serving niche audiences. Gabrielle has co-planned and executed highly innovative and successful campaigns with all the major Film Studios and several broadcast TV networks, including Warner Bros, Universal, MGM, Disney, Paramount, Sony, Open Road, Focus Features, Lionsgate, NBC and ABC. 

In 2016, Gabrielle founded Media Farm & Partners, formed to facilitate investment and the allocation of best-in-class resources, into development, production and distribution of high- quality, culturally relevant and commercially appealing films, television, and other media entertainment, ancillary properties and new digital technologies,

For the last few years, Gabrielle has taken an active role in the development and establishment of Public Democracy and Public Group, an advanced integrative media platform that allows users/audiences and content creators/ influencers to connect, respond, engage and measure results in real time, where she currently holds an executive leadership position and company shareholder. 




Professor Ibrahim Banat - chief scientific advisor, Oasis Energy Group

Professor Ibrahim Banat, BSc, PhD, CBiol, FIBiol

Professor Ibrahim Banat is a Professor of Microbial Biotechnology. He completed his PhD at the University of Essex (UK) in 1982, and has over 30 years’ experience in industrial microbiology and its biotechnical application in research, industrial and academic establishments in Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Italy and the UK. At present, Professor Banat holds a Professorship Chair at the University of Ulster (UK).

He has participated in numerous research projects supported by academic, research and industrial establishments. In addition, he has published over 175 papers and review articles in peer reviewed international scientific journals worldwide.

His main areas of interest and expertise are microbial bio-surfactants’ production and biotechnological and industrial application, microbial enhanced oil recovery, bioremediation, fermentation and biofuel production.        

Doctor Steven Bryant - scientific advisor, Oasis Energy Group

Dr. Steven Bryant

 Dr Bryant formerly held the J. H. Herring Centennial Professorship in Petroleum Engineering and the George H. Fancher Centennial Teaching Fellowship in Petroleum Engineering. He earned degrees in chemical engineering from Vanderbilt (B.E.) and from UT-Austin (Ph.D).

He worked in industry research centers at BP and at ENI for a decade before taking a research scientist position at Rice University, then joining UT-Austin in 2002. Dr Bryant’s research interests range from grain-scale models of geologic processes to the role of methane hydrates in the Earth’s carbon cycle.

He has published more than sixty papers and one textbook with applications in production engineering, reservoir engineering and formation evaluation. He served as Distinguished Lecturer for the Society of Petroleum Engineers in 2001-2.   

He currently currently holds the Canada Excellence Research Chair, University of Calgary




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Richard Hobson, LLB, BA, MBA
Richard Hobson, LLB, BA, MBA Corporate Governance Advisor
Nicholas Union, BA, MIPS
Nicholas Union, BA, MIPS Founder/Advisor
Dr. Barry Ferrier, BA, B. Litt. (Hons.), Dip. Mus., Dip. IT
Dr. Barry Ferrier, BA, B. Litt. (Hons.), Dip. Mus., Dip. ITDigital Media Consultant
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