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Previous successful field trials have been undertaken in the UK & the USA


These fully documented trials in the USA will identify commercialization options for both “down hole” and “near well” bore reservoir treatments.


Terms have now been negotiated with the Guitar family in West Texas, to re-commission 6 wells and treat them with the BRR™ process.

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BRR & the Environment

Comparative to the above solutions, the BRRTM process offers the following benefits:

  • Effective: In trial cases, the BRRTM process produces higher yields, compared to the average 10-15% netted from alternative enhanced methods.
  • Cost efficient: BRR uses existing on-site (or in situ) infrastructures for distribution, and therefore does not require additional costly infrastructure to be built.
  •  Eco-friendly: The bio-surfactants are entirely biodegradable, leaving no trace or the possibility of water contamination.
  • Wider range of appropriate well and resource targets
  •  A more consistent, quantifiable and cost-effective result
  •  Energy and water efficient
  •  Uses existing on-site (or in situ) infrastructures
  • Totally eco-friendly
  • Does not pollute community water resources

This trademarked MEOR process, once injected, contributes to active pressure differentials that facilitates the BRR™ active ingredients to:

1. reach both deep-into, and widely-across the oil-bearing stratum

2. break-down the ionic bonds holding the oil and rock in place. The active ingredients in BRRTM can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical substances currently used in hydraulic fracturing.

The trademarked Bio Remediation Recovery Process : environmental implications for the oil industry

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BRR's Competitive Advantage

In Oil Recovery Operations, The BRRTM Process Is:

Re-iterative: A re-iterative process providing ongoing support, and production, and treatment.

Robust and insusceptible: Effectiveness is completely unaffected by salt-water and other naturally forming components.

Environmentally Safe: Does not in any way pollute or taint aquifers - is entirely “green” – with absolutely NO harmful, ecologically or environmentally-damaging side-effects.

Bio-Friendly: Breaks-down into bio-components that are digested by naturally-occurring organisms within 30 days.

Other Benefits: Following the extraction of the oil from the reservoir, reduced processing may be necessary. The BRR™ active ingredients assist in crude being integrated into the normal refining cycle more easily.

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